CONSAT Handbook available here: CONSAT Handbook





Confederation of New York Small Schools and Team Sports

Founded in 2018







Name: The name of the organization will be known as the “Confederation of New York Schools and Team Sports” (CONSAT).


CONSAT Philosophy: CONSAT believes in the development of each student through academic, athletic, and artistic/cultural endeavors. The Confederation of New York Small Schools and Team Sports (CONSAT) seeks to create, promote and foster participation, fair play and respect among its member schools and activities.




Membership: Schools wishing to join CONSAT must submit membership requests in writing to the league Chairperson to include the following:

  • Name of school
  • Address of school
  • Total number of students
  • Phase / age of students in school
  • Key Contacts details for Head of School & Athletics Director
  • Reason for applying to join the league
  • Sports / activities interested in participating in


The request will be heard at the next CONSAT committee meeting. Membership will be considered provided the proposed school’s membership would enhance the quality of CONSAT and the school is willing and able to support CONSAT’s philosophy. Proposed membership will then be considered at the subsequent full termly CONSAT meeting where membership will be decided by vote. The Chairperson retains the casting vote if needed.


Annual Meeting Commitments: There will be three termly meetings that all schools are required to attend as follows: May, October and February. Meetings will take place at NAISNY at 9am on dates to be agreed at the May meeting. Three additional committee meetings will take place approximately one calendar month in advance of the termly meetings.


CONSAT Representative: Each CONSAT member school must ensure one suitable staff member is nominated to attend the three termly meetings. The representative, nominated at the May meeting, is responsible for ensuring the good order, management and leadership of all aspects of CONSAT activities in their own schools.


Fees: CONSAT members do not have to pay an annual membership fee. School are expected to cover any costs for referees, rewards or premises as agreed by members schools. CONSAT aims to minimize or eliminate all costs as appropriate.


Participation: Schools must participate in at least 2 major CONSAT leagues per annum i.e. Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball. Schools may take part in any number of other planned activities. (See CONSAT Activities Table).


Rules: Member schools must abide by the rules and regulations contained in the CONSAT handbook. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations may result in the termination of CONSAT membership. CONSAT is strongly based on the values of participation, fair play and respect, and so it is not envisaged that schools will knowingly or consistently ignore CONSAT rules and expectations. Schools may report in writing any alleged incidents of schools not adhering to the rules and expectations of CONSAT to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will oversee an appropriate investigation, and in liaison with the CONSAT committee, take appropriate and timely action including sharing outcomes with other CONSAT schools at the next termly meeting where appropriate to do so.


Force Majeure on Rules and Expectations Status: The school’s CONSAT representative should be in attendance for all CONSAT activities. If a situation arises, which is considered to be beyond the control of the school involved, which causes the school to not meet the CONSAT rules and expectations, the Executive Director will take such context into full consideration. Each situation will be reviewed on an annual basis at the May Meeting




A number of committee roles will be agreed and formulated annually at the May meeting. Staff from all CONSAT members schools are eligible to put themselves forward to be considered as a committee member. All proposals must be proposed and seconded by two other schools. A closed vote will be used in the event of a tie. All roles will be held for two years wherever possible.


An outline of responsibilities is set out below:



  • Chair committee and termly meetings
  • Work with the secretary to ensure the timely sharing of effective agendas for all committee and termly meetings
  • Work with the executive director to network with current member schools and visit potential new member schools
  • Has the deciding vote on committee issues
  • Has the final say on proposed actions for schools who fail to adhere to CONSAT rules and expectations (if necessary i.e. the CONSAT committee have failed to reach agreement on proposed action)


Executive Director

  • Produce and regularly update the CONSAT Activities Table
  • Ensure accurate information relating to schools’ abilities to host events
  • Manage allegations of schools not adhering to CONSAT rules and expectations
  • Distribute event information to all member schools in a timely manner
  • Oversee the management, design and distribution of rewards for all CONSAT events (notably certificates)
  • Oversee the management, organization and distribution of promotional posters to the timely sign up to events in member schools
  • Oversee the effective management and maintenance of the CONSAT website through the CONSAT Communications & Technology Manager



  • Take and distribute accurate minutes in a timely manner to schools for all committee and termly meetings
  • Record accurate attendance at all meetings
  • Set up system and proformas necessary to collate players details and eligibility
  • Manage, record and distribute player profiles to all schools in accordance with the CONSAT age eligibility criteria
  • Maintain accurate records of contact information, hosting and participation history


Games & Results Secretary

  • Compose league and tournament schedules as required
  • Collate, manage and publish results for all league games and events (results provided by host schools within 24-hours of games taking place)
  • Maintain and publish accurate weekly league tables
  • Submit unresolved concerns or grievances to the CONSAT Executive Director


Referee Secretary

  • Work collaboratively with schools and outside contacts to secure the best sources for referees
  • Manage all aspects of referees to ensure referees are clear about their responsibilities including games venues, times, school details and rules
  • Ensure schools are informed of referees’ details for all games
  • To act as a point of contact for reviewing and evaluating referees’ performances
  • To organize training for referees as appropriate
  • Ensure the regular updating and sharing of rules for each sport / activities to all parties



  • Oversee and manage CONSAT finances including but not limited to the collection of referee fees and ensure it is distributed to the necessary games secretary
  • Ensure accurate recording of incoming revenues and outgoing costs
  • Ensure the timely payment of all costs including referees and other related costs
  • Overseeing the collation and distribution of monies to host schools as required
  • Produce a termly report for approval at all committee and termly meetings
  • To advise the committee on possible future structures for CONSAT that may better serve its long-term objectives


Communications and Technology Manager

  • To source and develop a stable and sustainable platform base for the CONSAT website and social media platform
  • Ensure the website acts as a one-stop-shop for all information relating to CONSAT
  • To ensure the website is up to date at all times
  • To consider future technological platforms that can further enhance CONSAT’s operations and activities
  • Ensure appropriate training is provided for all CONSAT schools as required to access the website and know how and when to update information as required


2018-19 Committee (as agreed at the March 2018 meeting)

Chairperson: Craig Halsall

Secretary: Alain Haspil

Executive Director: VACANT

Treasurer: Brooke Reinfeld

Soccer Fixtures & Results Secretary: Thomas Hunt

Referee Secretary: Ayanna Crawford to support Brooke Reinfeld

Basketball Fixtures & Results Secretary: Val Duval

Volleyball Fixtures & Results Secretary: Ayana Crawford





CONSAT Member schools

  1. Academy of St Joseph
  2. BAISIS Brooklyn
  3. BASIS Manhattan
  4. Blue School
  5. British International School New York
  6. Brooklyn Heights Montessori School
  7. Cathedral School
  8. Fusion Academy
  9. Greene Hill School
  10. Nord Anglia International School New York (“NAISNY”)
  11. Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan
  12. The Ecole
  13. Williamsburg Northside School






2018 /19


Activity Term Months Grade 5 – 8


Grade 2 – 4


Soccer League Fall Sept – Nov
Basketball League Winter Jan – March
Volleyball League Spring April – May

2019 /20


Activity Term Months Grade 5 – 8


Grade 2 – 4


Soccer League Fall Sept – Nov
Basketball League Winter Jan – March
Volleyball League Spring April – May
Track and Field
Math Olympiad
Ultimate Frisbee


Proposal Law: Any proposed changes to activities (additions or deletions) and / or the CONSAT Handbook must be proposed at least 24 hours in advance of any CONSAT committee meeting. The committee will consider the request and table the suggestion for consideration at the next termly meeting. All amendments decisions will be based on a vote with each school allocated one vote. The Chairperson retains the deciding vote as required.



Age Categories and PARTICIAPTION Eligibility


The CONSAT age categories and eligibility for participation for the academic calendar year will be as set out below. Meantime, all participants should be of an academic good standing according to each school’s expectations and guidelines.


Grade 8 / Year 9s

Uppers (2004): Limited to those students who are born on or after September 1st 2004.


Grade 2 / Year 5s

Lowers (2009): Limited to those students who are born on or after September 1st 2009.


Grade 3 / Year 4s

Lowers (2010): Limited to those students who are born on or after September 1st 2010.


CONSAT League Sports: All CONSAT league sports requires five players with schools being required to maintain a minimum of two girls on the field of play at all times. Should a school be unable to field at least two girls, then the school will forfeit a player’s position in the team. A school may bring a maximum of 10 players to any game of any gender balance whilst considering the requirement for a minimum of two girls to be active participants on the field of play at all times.


Out of Age player: Should a school wish to submit a case for an out of age player to play within a specific age category, this should be raised with the opposing coach out of respect for the philosophy of the league.





All members of the CONSAT community including but not limited to coaches, referees, staff members, parents, volunteers, participants, students and anyone else connected directly or indirectly with a school agree to adhere to the CONSAT expectations of participation, fair play and respect at all times and without exception.


It is expected that there is a consistent understanding of the concepts of fair play and respect, but it is acknowledged here that CONSAT’s expectations are such that:

  • There is healthy competition between participants at all times.
  • There will never be a win-at-all-costs philosophy.
  • Coaches will aim to ensure, as far as is possible within a competitive environment, that teams will take proactive steps to ensure maximizing winning scores will be avoided at all costs.
  • Schools in strong winning positions will for example, but not limited to, use opportunities to increase participation of the school’s weakest players, provide opportunities for players to participate in unfamiliar positions etc (See “Mercy Rule” below)
  • Verbal support will be restricted to appropriate levels, remain positive at all times and be consistently mindful of demonstrating respect for all participants including opposition players.
  • Referees decisions will be respected at all times. Schools accept that referees aim to be impartial but will inevitably make decisions that are deemed incorrect within the confines of the rules or occasionally make genuine errors.
  • Coaches are wholly responsible without exception for ensuring any questions posed to referees regarding decisions are only conducted in a timely and appropriate manner and acceptant of the referees’ final decision.
  • Any inappropriate behaviour must be challenged only by the coaches in an appropriate manner, and in the event of continued inappropriate behaviour, coaches must submit in writing their concerns to the CONSAT Executive Director within 24 working hours.
  • The host school reserves the right to ask any adult to calmly and quietly leave the premises in the event of inappropriate behaviour. Host schools, coaches and referees accept that, in the spirit of CONSAT’s values, every effort will always be made to resolve any infringement, disagreement or inappropriate behaviour. Schools will only request an adult to leave as a measure of last resort. The coach of the team associated with such behaviour will be responsible for ensuring the adult in question is compliant. Should the case involve the coach, then in the event that no suitable adult can take over the team for the remaining game time, then the game may be brought to a close at the time the host school requests the coach leaves the premises.


Mercy Rule: The maximum recorded score for any game will be determined and recorded with the ruler pertaining to each league sport / event.





The violations below may result in the forfeit of a game. In the event of a game being forfeited then the opposite team will be allocated a 3-0 victory



  1. Failure to begin a league or tournament game at the designated starting time without due notice or reason. The home coach reserves the right to choose to play the game if desired.
  2. Play more than the maximum number of players at a league game.
  3. Participation in a game with an over aged player not listed as eligible on google docs based participation register.


First Offense: Forfeit the game and make payment for the referee(s) with the CONSAT treasurer.


Second Offense: Disqualification from remaining league games and / or event.


Misconduct: The following misconduct will result in disqualification from a game:

  1. Player misconduct before, during, or after a game. All players involved in a fight before, during, or after a game will be disqualified from the game and the first half of the subsequent game.
  2. Coaching misconduct before, during, or after a game. This includes the inability or unwillingness of a coach to control his or her disruptive or disrespectful players / parents, spectators or any adults connected directly or indirectly to the school


First Offense: Disqualification from the game or the next game.


Second Offense: Disqualification from the remaining league games and the tournament.


Withdrawing from a league game or event


A school unable to participate in a prearranged game or event must give at least 24 hours’ notice and share an acceptable reason. The host school will accommodate where possible, but if no rearrangement can be made, then in the case of a game it will be a forfeit for the team in question. The host school reserves the right to cancel events/games within 24 hours of the allocated start time for circumstances outside of their control, such as weather or internal emergencies. Temperature dropping to below -10 degrees Celsius, playing surfaces becoming unplayable due to flooding or other relevant reason.







Host School’s Responsibilities

  1. Provide all necessary equipment to host competitions to include but not limited to: 2 appropriate game balls, netting / goals, scoreboard facility
  2. Ensure smooth access to all visiting participants, referees and supporters to the field of play
  3. Ensure the field of play and immediate surrounding area is clear of obstacles and checked for safety
  4. Ensure the school’s premises manager and / or security are aware and supportive of any CONSAT event
  5. Set up a scoring table and chairs as required
  6. Ensure that the latest version of the CONSAT Handbook and Rules appropriate for the game are available at the scoring table


Participating School’s Responsibilities

  1. Arrive at the host school at least 20 minutes before any game
  2. Ensure the school’s own health and safety policies and procedures are followed
  3. Ensure that at least one staff member has up-to-date first aid / response training
  4. Provide for a basic first aid kit
  5. To acknowledge that it is not the host school’s responsibility to provide any additional health and safety provision or trained personnel
  6. Know, observe and respect the host school premises guidelines for participants, parents and spectators.
  7. Ensure the team has appropriate team dress and equipment
  8. Know, observe and respect the appropriate CONSAT rules for each game
  9. Pay 50% of the costs for referees or as otherwise agreed in the summer termly meeting