Cross Country Uppers

CONSAT Cross Country Meet Information – Fall 2019



Boys Competition 
1st: Brooklyn Heights Montessori School
2nd: Blue School
3rd: British International School New York
4th: Williamsburg Northside School
5th: Greene Hill School
6th:Nord Anglia International School
Girls Competition 
1st: British International School New York
2nd: Nord Anglia International School
3rd: Greene Hill School
4th: Brooklyn Heights Montessori School
5th: Blue School
6th: Williamsburg Northside School


CONSAT Cross Country - October 2019 Results


  • Date: October 18, 2019● Time: 4-5:30pm (Teams arrive at 4pm, first run starts at 4:30pm)● Location: Van Cortland Park● Deadline: Schools must respond to Jesse Schulman ( ) with confirmation of participation by Friday, September 20

    ○ Please provide how many runners you anticipate from your school, and sort it by a count of male and female

    ● Format: Athletes from varying CONSAT schools will compete on a 1.5 mile trail at Van Cortland Park. Please refer to the course map that was sent.

    ● Order: Girls will run first, boys will run second

    ○ Scoring: Runners will be ranked in the order they finish. Points will be assigned based on their place (eg. 1st place = 1 point, 18th place = 18 points). Only the top 3 runners on each team, for each race, will count towards results.

    ○ The point total of the 3 runners will be added up (eg. 1st, 3rd, 8th = 12 points), and the team with the lowest score will win.

    ○ Teams with less than 3 runners per gender are welcome to run, but they will be counted as a last place finisher for that heat

    ○ Logistics:

    ■ We will need a handful of volunteers (3-4) throughout the course to make sure that students stay on the running path

    ■ The finish line will require at least 4 individuals to track finishing results. Two timers with running stop-watches, an organizer with a clipboard to record finishers names/school, and someone to coordinate the finishers in the order they finish (using number tags)

    ○ Once all runners have finished, we will calculate the results and announce the standings

CONSAT Cross Country Map