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Downloadable Version of BasketBall Rules: CONSAT Basketball Rules

Basketball Rules

What is a Swiss Tournament style? A Swiss Style tournament allows all participants to play in each round of a tournament, no team or players are ever eliminated from the tournament. This is somewhat similar to a Round Robin style, except in a swiss tournament the pairings in subsequent rounds are determined by a team’s record. The swiss tournament style is very popular in chess, but can be used for just about any sport. It ensures a level of fairness and competitiveness throughout the duration of the tournament.

Why this model for us?

  • Easily adapted for more/less teams
  • Able to adapt to more/less venues
  • Able to use for other sports/seasons in future
  • Allows for closer level of competition every week
  • Reduce referee fees for members


2020 Season League Structure

Host teams to take turns playing at each other’s venue when drawn in the same group


Season: Thurs 16 Jan – Thurs 19 March (9-week season + play offs)

 Host Schools



 Blackout Dates: Non-playing teams

1: Thursday 16 Jan: NAISNY “V”; BASIS Brooklyn; BASIS Manhattan; SSSM

2: Thursday 23 Jan: Greene Hill; NAINSY “JV”; AOSJ; Phantom**

3: Thursday 30 Jan: Blue School; The Ecole; WNS; Phantom**

4: Thursday 6 Feb: BASIS Brooklyn; BASIS Manhattan; NAISNY “JV”; AOSJ;

5: Thursday 13 Feb: NAISNY “V”; BISNY; SSSM; The Ecole

Thursday 20 Feb: ALL TEAMS

6: Thursday 27 Feb: BASIS Brooklyn; BISNY; Greene Hill; Blue School

7: Thursday 5 March: NAISNY “JV”; BASIS Manhattan; The Ecole; WNS

8: Thursday 12 March: Blue School; Greene Hill; BISNY; SSSM;

9: Thursday 19 March: AOSJ; WNS; NAISNY “V”; WNS; Phantom**

WB 30 March: Play offs (date TBC)

Participating Teams


2: BASIS Brooklyn

3: BASIS Manhattan

4: Blue School


6: Greene Hill School




10: The Ecole

11: WNS

12: Phantom Team**


12 teams (including a phantom non-playing team to make up the numbers and ensure schedules work!): 4 non-playing teams per week & 8 playing teams per week over 2 host venues (4 teams per venue)

Number of games: Each team plays each other once i.e. 3 games each and 6 games in total each week

Playing time: 6 games x 14 minutes per game

**NB: Phantom Team

Phantom team does not exist but is needed to ensure the season works.

There are two scenarios:

1: When the “Phantom Team” is NOT scheduled to play at a venue, then each team plays each other ONCE i.e. each of the 4 teams play three games each of 14 mins (total of 6 games x 14 mins over the 90 minutes). All games count towards the league standings.


2: When the “Phantom Team” IS scheduled to play at a venue, then each team plays each other TWICE at THAT venue where the Phantom Team is scheduled to play i.e. each of the 3 teams (as the Phantom can’t play!) play four games each of 14 mins (total of 6 games x 14 mins over the 90 minutes); BUT – only the first game against each other country towards the league standings – with the second game against each other being “a friendly” game and the score does NOT count and should NOT be reported to the Results Secretary.

In “all” games where schools are scheduled to play against “Phantom” – a 20-0 victory will be recorded in favor of the Phantom’s opponents.


Season: Wed 15 Jan – Wed 11 March (7-week season + play offs)

Host Schools




Blackout Dates: Non-playing teams

1: Wednesday 15 Jan: NAISNY

2: Wednesday 22 Jan: The Ecole

3: Wednesday 29 Jan: BHMS;

4: Wednesday 5 Feb: AOSJ;

4: Wednesday 12 Feb: Portfolio

Wednesday 19 Feb: Black out for all

5: Wednesday 26 Feb: BISNY

6: Wednesday 4 March: The Ecole

7: Wednesday 11 March: BASIS Brooklyn

WB 30 March: Play offs (date TBC)


Participating Teams


2: BASIS Brooklyn




6: Portfolio

7: The Ecole


7 teams: 1 non-playing team per week & 6 playing teams per week over 2 host venues (3 teams per venue)

Number of games: Each team plays each other twice i.e. 4 games each and 6 games in total each week

Playing time: 6 games x 14 minutes per game


Reporting Results

  • After midweek games, scores must be submitted by the host school to Basketball Results Secretary by Friday morning.
  • Basketball Results Secretary will update standings, and by Monday morning, 10am, schools will receive an email with the schedule of games and venues for the upcoming midweek games. This will repeat each week and needs to be adhered to in order for it to be a success.
  • League Structure
    • Teams winning games will be allocated 3 points; a draw results in both teams being awarded 1 point (this may be amended accordingly before the start of any season if required to ensure all teams may win the same number of points over the course of a season in the event of a swiss chess league model being operated)
    • League positions will be determined after the outcome of all games are known.
    • League positions will be determined as follows: Points / Point Difference / Points Scored / score between the two teams in the event of a tie / a special play-off game if necessary



  • Win-loss record (or win percentage if number of games played vary between teams).
  • If case of identical records, tie-breaker between teams involved.
  • If identical record between teams involved in tie-breaker, use point differential of those specific games.
  • If still tied, use overall point differential of all games played by those specific teams
    • The top 4 teams will compete in end-of-season play off finals as follows: 1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd; winning teams from each game will compete for 1st and 2nd place in the final and the losing teams will compete for 3rd and 4th place.
    • In the event of finals games ending in a draw, there will be a six-minute overtime; in the event of a continued draw, there will be an additional six-minute double overtime



  • Court Size/Dimensions:
  • Team and Squad Sizes:
    • 5 v. 5
    • Maximum squad size of (UP TO COACH’S DISCRETION).
  • Back Court Rule: Backcourt penalty will result in loss of basketball possession.
    • BHMS Gym-Back court is considered beyond the yellow line (volleyball attack line). When bringing the ball up the court, once a player has dribbled the ball beyond the half court line, they may retreat as far as the yellow line, but not beyond.
  • Times: 14-minute games comprising two 7-minute halves
  • 30 second halftime. Teams switch baskets at half.
  • Substitutions: Unlimited substitutions for all age groups. Players who are subbed off can still return to the game. Either team may substitute at a dead ball by signaling the ref.
  • Fouls:
    • Individual fouls: After 5 fouls, player is fouled out Fouls are determined at the referee’s discretion and will result in a loss of possession by the offending team.
    • Team fouls: at 10 fouls, the opposing teams shoots 1-1 foul shots
  • Free Throws: Players will line up along the foul line (alternating spaces) with the opposing team of the free throw shooter in the spaces closest to the basket
  • Pressure Rule: Teams only allowed to pressure only during last 2 minutes of game.
  • Discipline: In the event of foul play (i.e. player tripped up, overly aggressive physical contact, etc) then two foul shots will be awarded. The referee reserves the right in the event of any serious fouls or poor behaviour to ask a player to sit out of the game for 3 minutes on the first offence; increasing by 3 minutes for each subsequent serious foul. In exceptional circumstances a referee may ask a player to sit out the remainder of the half or game.
  • Timeouts: each team is allowed 1 timeout per game. Timeouts will last 30 seconds.
  • Game clock: clock will continue to run even after referee whistles, except during the last minute of each game. During final minute of each game, clock will stop at each whistle and resume running once the ball is back in play.
  • 1 Referee per location: It is expected that CONSAT will organize officials for the CONSAT League games and events. There is a need to ensure sportsmanship, fair play and respect at all times both through competitive behaviour and refereeing decisions at all times. Where an official referee is not available for any reason, opposition coaches should discuss and agree a solution for the game.
  • Mercy Rule: The maximum recorded score for any fixture will be a difference of 20 points.
  • Specialist Clothing / Equipment
    • Jewelry: No jewelry may be worn at any time while on the court of play including, but not limited to bracelets, necklaces and watches. Only flat rings may be worn. For those unwilling (perhaps for religious reasons) to take jewelry off, these should be fully covered by sports tape.
    • Foot wear: All players must wear sneakers. No other type of shoe is allowed and neither are players allowed to participate without wearing appropriate sneakers.
    • Basketballs: Youth size 28.5”
  • Spectators: No adults may sit beside the playing teams or enter the court of play at any time, except for if a player is injured and they are requested to help. In such cases the coach of the team whose player is injured is responsible for ensuring only appropriate adults enter the field of play. All spectators must stand as far away as possible from the court of play, ensuring that no obstructions are present or risk injury to players