Our organization comprises a collection of schools in New York City including local and international schools. The common aim amongst member schools is that we are committed to providing quality and equal opportunities for our pupils and staff to collaborate and compete within a culture of mutual respect, equality, and fair play.

We recognize the opportunity that the unique context faced by all of our member schools. Whilst New York City is a beautiful and developing city, the diverse nature of our schools, the population and their curricula, has not always benefitted from a collaborative network between schools.

We are focused on promoting opportunities for our pupils in the field of sports, arts, music, drama, and social events for making new friends. We believe that competition naturally creates winners and losers through results, however, excellent sportsmanship must always remain the highest priority.

We also aim to promote opportunities for collaboration and training between senior leaders and teachers in all schools. We believe that differences in curriculum between schools provide important opportunities for a wide range of staff training to the benefit of our learning community.

Participation. Fair Play. Respect.